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Oil Sensor Remote System

Oil Sensor Monitor Series 2100

The easily installed system is made up of only 3 separate components, 1 Monitor (4 models available), up to 12 Oil Alert detectors, and Dorlen type "D" interconnect cable. Each system is characterized by the monitor used. When one or more Oil Alert detects liquid leakage it will activate its internal audible alarm and signal the monitor.

oil sensor
WM-12 Monitoring Panel with QU-2100 Oil-Alert Sensor

The monitor will then activate providing an audible alarm, red flashing lamp, LED indication of activated Oil Alert(s) and transfer a dual set of isolated relay contacts. The Oil Alerts may be located up to 2500 feet from the monitor. Monitors are available in both shelf or wall mount configuration. The below table summarizes the Series 2100 product line.

  • Monitors will monitor and power the connected Oil Alerts (Oil Alert Model OA-2100).
  • Upon Oil Alert activation, monitors sound audible alarm, flashing red lamp and LED indication of which Oil Alert has activated.
  • Monitors are equipped with automatic internal battery back-up in case of line power failure, system will remain monitoring for up to 4 days without AC power... Battery self recharges upon AC return.
  • Monitors are equipped with 2- SPDT isolated relay contacts which will transfer upon any Oil Alert activation for customer use in signaling existing security panels or other equipment. (Relays rated at 1 amp,28VDC).
  • Extremely simple installation...Normally carried out by company maintenance personnel with instructions furnished. ALL hardware included.
  • Everything needed to make your system functional and easy to install. Ultra-reliable performance; All Monitors come with a 5 year Warranty.

Dorlen monitor series 2100 is available in a variety of models for our Oil Alert-2100 oil dector model. Each oil sensor monitor is manufactured for ease of installation and operation. They are designed as an early warning leak detections system utilizing the latest line of Dorlen Products remote monitors and compatible OA-2100 Oil Alert detectors. All series 2100 sensors monitor and power the connected OA-2100 oil alerts.

Oil Sensor Monitor Model SM-6

The SM-6 monitor features six channels and shelf mounting.

Oil Sensor Monitor Model SM-12

The SM-12 monitor features twelve channels and shelf mounting.

Oil Sensor Monitor Model WM-6

The WM-6 monitor features six channels and wall mounting.

Oil Sensor Monitor WM-12

The WM-6 monitor features twelve channels and wall mounting.

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