Early Warning Oil Leak Detection Equipment and Devices



Lowest cost - Ideal for local indication of leakage. Simply apply 8-13vdc and locate in potential danger areas where an early waning is desired. 100db alarm. Internal Test push button (Waterproof IP67).


Provides audible alarm and isolated relay contacts (DPDT) rated 1amp at 28vdg Max. which transfer and hold when activated - Ideal to tie into existing security panel or control panel. 100db. alarm. requires 18-13vdc. Internal Test push button (Waterproof IP67). Can also be used with RA-WM Remote Alarm and PR-WM Power Relay (see pg.5).


Provides output leads to signal SERIES 2100 Monitor (see pg.3), and 85 db. alarm. Requires 3 conductor #22 Stranded, and Shielded. (Dorlen Type F).

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