Early Warning Oil Leak Detection Equipment and Devices



Oil leak detection device provides 3 day audible alarm (when battery operated) - Lowest cost - Ideal for local indication of leakage. Simply install 2-9V Alkaline batteries and locate in potential danger areas where an early warning is desired. 100db alarm.

OA - 5

Oil leak detection device provides 3 day (when battery operated) audible alarm and isolated relay contacts (DPDT) rated 1amp at 28VDC Max. which transfer and hold when activated - Ideal to tie into existing security panel or control panel. 100 db. alarm. Can also be used with RA-WM Remote Alarm and PR-WM Power Relay.

OA - 2100

Oil leak detection device provides output leads to signal SERIES 2100 Monitor, and 85 db. alarm.

Features & Specifications

  • Two 9 volt alkaline batteries required (not included). Lasts 1 year.
  • May also be operated with Dorlen power supply or voltage module. OA-2100 is powered by the monitor.
  • Rapid activation - 30-60 seconds typical for clean oil, 1-2 minutes for dirty oil.
  • Indoor use only, operates from 25-125°F. Relative humidity 10% - 90%.
  • 3 Year Warranty and individual serial number printed on all units.

Manufactured by: Dorlen Products, Inc.

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