Early Warning Oil Leak Detection Equipment and Devices

Leak Detection Services

Dorlen products are designed to detect leaks as soon as they begin.

Oil Leak Detection Services

Major oil leaks in operating CNC, robotics or machinery systems usually start out small. Leaks are typically caused by corrosion or material defects. Small leaks are often overlooked during initial build because of the focus on the overall process. Oil Alert oil leak detection models provide the means to detect very small leaks in newly constructed machines and also in systems already in service. By identifying small leaks early on, Oil Alert can help prevent catastrophic events resulting in loss of production, environmental damage and associated cleanups costs, expensive repairs, loss of revenue and public image issues.

Learn how oil leak sensor works.

Hydraulic Leak Detection Services

When the hydraulic leak detection equipment is shipped, we include instructions and wiring diagrams if applicable. Under most circumstances, the installation is easy to follow and can be done by an in-house personnel. In the case where additional help is needed, we offer hydraulic leak detection services on the phone and would discuss a plant visit upon request.

Liquid Leak Detection Services

Many final products are liquid in nature and are processed through a wide variety of equipment. A machinery part can spontaneously fail during processing because of natural wear and tear from repetitive motion or a design flaw that did not account for some unknown variable. When liquid begins to leak it is often a slow drip havining minimal cost of waste product itself. However, left undetected the problem will magnify as the conditions deteriorate. The loss of liquid product gets expensive as well as equipment repair. The multiplying damage effect where one failing part begins to damage an otherwise good part is an unecessary expense. Implementing liquid leak detection services is the best way to ensure that early repairs are identified and remedied quickly to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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