Early Warning Oil Leak Detection Equipment and Devices

How An Oil Leak Sensor Works

The way the Dorlen oil leak sensor works is a small amount of oil (1/32") seeping under Oil Alert activates it's loud "on/off" alarm and/or relay contact output. The low profile dome shaped unit guards against undetected leakage in areas of oil lubricated / hydraulic equipment, standby generators, pressurized piping and fuel oil storage locations... Simply locate Oil Alerts in potential danger areas.

Oil Leak Sensor Principle of Operation

oil detection sensor Oil Alert is activated by liquid* reaching the Sensing Probe, which is 1/32" from the surface. The pads B1 and B2 provide a gap between the case and the surface to admit liquid under the unit for detection. Once a leak has been detected, simply clean the Sensing Probe to remove any oils with mild soap and water, then dry. Your Oil Alert is now ready to be put back into operation!

oil leak sensor

Oil Leak Detector

Oil Leak Detection
  1. Epoxy encapsulated circuitry eliminates dirt, fungus, or humidity problems.
  2. Loud Piezo electric buzzer (100 db at 3 feet).
  3. Sensing Probe will not be affected by dirt and dust.
  4. Signal duration conservatively specified: Rated duration applies after one year of monitoring.
  5. 1/8th thick high-impact polystyrene dome shaped housing for strength and ruggedness.

CAUTION: Contact Dorlen for explosive environment applications.

Leak detection Devices for Liquids

*Liquid leakage including clean or dirty oil (lubricating, diesel, fuel, cutting, general industrial), solvents, water, etc. (conductive or non-conductive)

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