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Early Warning Oil Leak Detection Systems & Sensors

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Oil Leak Detection Where You Need It

Oil Alert liquid leak sensors detect oil leaks and spills FAST, providing early warning so you can take action. Businesses nationwide use Oil Alert to avoid operations downtime, reduce environmental risks, minimize cleanup and monitor off-site equipment.

Dorlen Products manufactures oil leak detection systems for a wide range of applications:

  • Elevator Pits: Prevent safety and liability issues
  • Oil Storage Locations: Detect container leaks quickly
  • Machining Centers: Detect cutting oil leaks early
  • Hydraulic Equipment: Maintain operational efficiency
  • Hydraulic Piping: Corrosion, O-ring failure and broken seal connections can cause hydraulic system leaks. Oil leak detectors help prevent waste of costly hydraulic fluid.
  • Remote Site Monitoring: Detect oil leaks even when you’re away from the machinery

More Applications

oil leak detectors

Prevent Downtime, Damage & Business Disruption

Reliable Oil Leak Detection

Oil Alert leak detection systems are designed to maximize protection by providing continuous monitoring 24/7 in order to detect oil leaks and spills fast! Combined with a monitoring panel, Oil Alert detectors provide an early warning system made up of just three easily connected components. All equipment ships with installation instructions and everything needed to make your system functional. Learn how our oil detection sensor works.

Hydraulic Oil Leak Detection

A perfect application of an oil leak detector is for hydraulic equipment used in industrial settings. Use Oil Alert to protect your investment in hydraulic machinery and avoid the extra costs associated with loss of performance.

Oil Leak Detector Alarm Options

The Oil Alert oil sensor only requires a small amount of oil (1/32 inch) seeping under the unit to activate its loud “on/off” alarm and/or relay contact output. The OAX model provides a 3-day audible oil detection alarm. The OAX-5 provides a 3-day audible alarm and isolated relay contacts which transfer and hold when activated. The OAX-2100 provides output leads to signal a Series 2100 monitor. Learn more about Oil Alert detectors.

Oil Leak Detection System Accessories

Oil Alert system accessories include remote alarms, power supply, power relay, auto-dialer, voltage module and wire and cable for power and signal runs. We’re happy to help with product selection and layout for your application.