Early Warning Oil Leak Detection Equipment and Devices

  • Oil Leak Detection Applications

    Dorlen Products manufactures oil leak detection systems for a wide range of applications.

    Elevator Pits Oil Detection: Prevent safety and liability issues.
    Oil Storage Locations: Detect container leaks quickly.
    Machining Centers: Detect oil leak early.
    Hydraulic Equipment Oil Detection Sensor: Maintain operational efficiency.
    Hydraulic Piping Leaks: Corrosion,o-ring failure, broken seal connections can be the cause of any hydraulic system to leak. Having a sensor alarm in place prevents costly loss of hydraulic fluid.
    Remote Site Monitoring: Detect oil leaks even when you're away from the machinery.
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oil leak detection - how it works

Oil Alert by Hydraulic Power Unit

Oil Leak Detection
Oil leak detection is essential for hydraulic equipment.

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If you are interested in learning more about any of our products, email dorlen@tds.net. We will generally answer questions within one business day. If you are interested in an water leak detection product visit our Water Alert website. All of our products are manufactured in the United States of America. Your satisfaction with our products and service is important to us. We would love to hear from you with any suggestions for improvements or that you would like to recommend. Our detection systems safeguard highly valuable assets and we take that responsibility seriously. A sensor offers protection and security. When a threat is detected you can be notified by an alarm alowing for precious time to take action quickly. For customer service call (414) 282-4840.

Oil Leak Detection

Oil Alert leak detection devices and oil leak detection cables are designed to maximize protection by having continuous monitoring 24/7 in order to detect oil leaks and spills fast! The benefits include avoiding operations shut-down, reduced environmental risks, minimize costly clean-up and monitoring off-site equipment.

Hydraulic Oil Leak Detector

A perfect application of an oil leak detector is for hydraulic equipment used in industrial settings. Protecting the monitary investment of hdraulic machinery itself makes sense not to mention costs associated with loss of performance.

Oil Sensor Alarm

The Oil Alert oil sensor only requires a small amount of oil (1/32 inch) seeping under Oil Alert activates it's loud "on/off" alarm and/or relay contact output. The OA model provides a 3 day audible oil detection alarm. The OA-5 provides a 3 day audible alarm and isolated relay contacts which transfer and hold when activated. The OA-2100 provides output leads to signal series 2100 monitor. Learn more about our oil sensor remote system


The Oil Alert system accessories available include power supply, auto-dialer, sensing modules, battery, remote alarm, voltage module, power relay, wire and cable, and oil monitoring systems.